Art Galleries

Epilogue(.net) is a free hosting service for science-fiction, fantasy and anime artists. They require that all art be submitted for approval before it's posted. They have thousands of artist galleries set up. The following are a few artists whose style appealed to me.
Samuel Araya
James Browne
Jenny "Gruffin" Crampton
Avi Das
Stephanie Hahn
Amber Hill
David Lee Ingersoll
This would be my gallery.
Cara Mitten
Gabor Szugyi

Pen-paper(.net) hosts galleries for scores of professional RPG illustrators. Here are a few of my favorites -
Leif Jones
You know the really good artist whose work is scattered throughout White Wolf's RPG's? That's Leif

Dinosaur art. That is - illustrations of dinosaurs and other prehistoric critters by a multitude of human artists. But you knew that.

Single Artist Sites
Ricardo Delgado
Someday there should be some great art here. Delgado is a production designer and sometime comic artist. Right now this is just a nice "coming soon" page.
Feng Shu
I have no idea who this guy is but, damn, he's brilliant.
William Stout
Stout did production design for Alien and Conan and quite a few other films. His book on dinosaurs is exquisite. If anyone wants to get me a nice birthday present, buy me one of Stout's sketchbooks.
Derek Thompson
Check out Thompson's Monster-of-the-day feature. When it's loading it's quite entertaining.


What music is Blake listening to? Don't you need to know?
Updates are rare but always snappy
Weblog for Jenn Manley Lee, creator of Dicebox
Long Story, Short Pier
One of the reason's that I leave political commentary out of my weblog - Kip does outrage eloquently and with more compassion and humor than I would make the effort to generate.
Another rare updater. A friend of ours who has relocated to Rhode Island
My brother the poet. This would be his web log. Making the ordinary interesting. He doesn't update nearly often enough.
Major Arcana
The weblog of Nick Brownlow, one of the Black Seal boys
My web journal - nothing to see here.
He played Wesley Crusher on Star Trek:TNG. Then he went and had a life

Movie Reviews

And You Call Yourself a Scientist?
An Australian scientist who likes b-movies.
Cold Fusion Video
Home of the Hierachic Head of Ezra Pound.
Jabootu B-movie Reviews
Ken Begg's reviews are thorough and usually very long. That's not a complaint. Just a warning to those who are thinking of logging on at work.
Joe Bob Briggs
The original bad movie reviews enthusiast. Large archive of movie reviews as well as essays and commentary on the "real" world.
Stomp Toyko
Home of a multitude of review sites but especially Giant Monster Movies

News of the Weird
These are the sites I check when life is beginning to seem too predictable.

The Anomalist
Links to weird (usually paranormal) news stories from around the world.
Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization
Seen a sasquatch? Contact these folks.
Boing Boing
Die Puny Humans
This is actually the weblog for the writer, Warren Ellis. He apparently uses it to store links to weird stories and strange cultural phenomena.
Fortean Times
Heard a story that sounds too good/bad to be true? The folks at Snopes can tell you if it is.

One Degree Sites
Most of these sites are run by or feature work from people that I would recognize if I ran into them in a supermarket.

The Black Seal
A magazine dedicated to modern setting Call of Cthulhu RPG with an emphasis on Delta Green/PISCES. You can find my illustrations in every issue
It's Blake. She rocks.
Billi 99
Sarah Byam's first novel finally collected in trade paperback. Art by Tim Sale. Go now and buy many copies!
Right brain support for left brain workers. I'll be the guy answering the phone.
Era Nova
The band that TwoM makes music with.
The internet home of the Evil Dr. Flaxon. I barely escaped with my insanity.
Pia Guerra is currently illustrating Y, the Last Man for Vertigo. Hopefully they haven't screwed her on the movie deal.
Labor of Love Creative Studio
The design studio for all your needs. Accept no substitutes.
The gateway to Glenn's poetry empire.
Jan Ingersoll's photo albums - Alaska, Egypt and many Ingersolls
Jaydogg's empty placeholder of a site
Sarah Byam
Sarah has an irregular column at, a website in Ireland. Go forth and read.
Shepherd Hendrix's website. Hasn't been updated in a while. What are you doing Shep?

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