Webcomics come in an astounding variety and the number grows all the time. If you look hard enough you can probably find something for every taste. My tastes run towards the fantastic - the weird, the mythic, the grotesque and the absurd. Much of what I recommend here will fit that mold.

Keenspace hosts literally thousands of webcomics. For free. It's no wonder that access is sometimes slow and dodgy.
Sentient 39 by David Lee Ingersoll
Space Losers by Willingham

The place where Keenspacers get into The Game. Presumably.
Chopping Block by Lee Abam Herold
The adventures of Butch, the poor little homicidal maniac. Sick and wrong. In the best way.
Zebragirl by Joe English
The tale of Sandra, the accidental demon, and her idiot friends. The early strips are crude and English breaks the fourth wall too often for my taste but all that is just fussy nitpicking. This strip is sharp.

The Modern Tales Group
The Modern Tales sites are subscriber sites. The new episodes of most of their series can be viewed for free until they are replaced.

Webcomics (mostly) by women, (mostly) for women. Everybody's got their market niche.
Bite Me! by Dylan Maconis
A farce set during the French Revolution. With vampires. And chickens. And a werewolf. Delightful!
Dicebox by Jenn Manley Lee
This is one of the best looking webcomics out there. The tale of Molly and Griffen, a pair of itinerant factory workers. In space.
The Stiff by Jason Thompson
Zombies. High School Romance. Which is the greater horror? From the insane fellow behind The Dream Quest of Unknown Kaddath graphic novel - one of the finest adaptations of H.P. Lovecraft's work in any medium.

Graphic Smash

Modern Tales


Next Comics
An anthology site of (mostly) new webcomics by (mostly) new creators.

Death Takes a Holiday

Amptoons by Barry Deutsch
Self declared lefty political cartoons. Now mostly on hiatus
Bruno by Chris Baldwin
One of the longer running strips on the web, Bruno started posting in 1995. A little soap opera, a little humor, a lot of compassion for human idiosyncrasies.
e-sheep by Patrick Farley
Humble Comics by Gene Ha
In Contempt Comics by Kevin Moore
featuring Shelton
Small Stories Online by Derek Kirk Kim
One of the finest webcomics on the net. Beautiful art, smart storytelling and lots of humor.
Swenson's Funnies by Jeff Swenson

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